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Bonnie Kawaguchi

I am extremely passionate about cooking. It has always been a dream of mine to help heal the planet through diet and mindful eating. In our modern world, with it’s rapid pace and accelerated technology many of us face the challenge to nourish ourselves adequately.

I have experienced the heartache and crippling debilitation of an eating disorder. I have worked hard to overcome obesity and the different phases of food addiction, an increasing concern in today’s climate. I have been committed to seeking answers and helping others. I believe there are many viable solutions, suited for different individuals. However, the one component that has been present in all these solutions is the foundation of sound nutrition, paramount to the success of ones' recovery. I believe moderation is key for the success of any food plan. Fanaticism can be as detrimental as a straight diet of fast foods and junk foods. Today I promote a balanced diet with includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish and poultry.
In my early twenties I studied Macrobiotics at the Kushi institute in Brookline, MA. Among the courses studied, were cooking macrobiotic style and healing illness through diet and food preparation. I went on to cook for a cancer patient and a client with multiple sclerosis with remarkable results. I developed my own catering company, ever expanding and improving on these concepts. Since then I have revised my methods of cooking many times, encompassing a wider, more inclusive approach to healing.

My background does not include the formal training and extensive credentials of my partner. I have owned and operated two restaurants. A sushi and Japanese restaurant called Sezen, loosely translating to ‘nature’ in English. My husband and partner was Japanese and instrumental in teaching me the many aspects of Asian cuisine. We emphasized healthful dining, substituting natural alternatives whenever possible. We distributed wholesale food items to be resold at several supermarkets in Aspen, CO. The other restaurant, Mermaids, was co owned by my current partner, Stephen Roehrs, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Mermaids specialized in seafood where Stephen acted as executive chef and I maintained the front of the house. He was a tremendous influence, teaching me about cooking, food preparation and presentation. Many of our signature dishes reflect my Asian and his New Orleans’s backrounds.

. I moved to Southern Florida in 2003. I have been working solo for the last six years specializing in natural cuisine, weight loss, kosher, health concerns and healthy food for people on the go. Recently my former partner moved to Florida and we have once again merged, combining the strengths of our diverse back rounds to provide to our clients the very best in sophisticated cuisine with a fresh and natural approach.